The History Of Whoo Luxury Lipstick

The History Of Whoo Luxury Lipstick

The History Of Whoo Luxury Lipstick

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The History Of Whoo 

Luxury Lipstick

Luxury Lipstick is a premium anti-aging lipstick with elegant classic colors




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                #13 PINK BEIGE , # 21 LUBY

The history of Whoo

Horns of deers, an asparagus, angelica, cornute formations, a wild thyme and a snow lotus … Now, it is not the recipe from the magical book of XVIII century is a structure of creams of the Korean mark The History of Whoo.
These cosmetics of a class lux are created on the basis of confidential old Chinese recipes of beauty, which members of
 imperial family used.
Masters of Korean cosmetic brand The History of Whoo have found this recipe and, having restored it by means of 
modern high technologies, have represented a line of exclusive cosmetics.
Creams update a structure of skin, restore its health, give brilliance to your face and give sensation of softness.

 Except for favorable influence on the skin, the mix of rare components also stimulates circulation of vital energy.