BRTC Jasmin 3D Moist Powder NEW

BRTC Jasmin 3D Moist Powder NEW

BRTC Jasmin 3D Moist Powder NEW

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Product No. BR014



 25g / New In Box






Water Capsule Powder for the moist, gorgeous

skin Water capsule powder that fully contains the jasmine water makes the skin moisturized and fluorescent with cooling texture as the water bursts out when it touches the skin.

  • 65% of moisturizing element contained among 100% of powder!
  • Powder for skin - Specially coated capsule!
  • Cooling texture as it touches the skin!
  • Excellent coverage that removes all blemishes and pores at once!
  • Powerfully absorb oily sebum!
  • Make somber face to be dazzled 24 hours
  • Talc free! Moist powder contains full mineral!

No more dusty dry powder! Real moist contained Moisturizing Powder!

Moist water powder that is combined with essence and powder with boasting prominent effect on moisturizing by containing total 65% of all kinds of moist element and jasmine extracted water.


Powder fully
containing water

Ah! So refreshing~
Feeling 100% water!

Miraculous powder
melting when applied!

Moistly soaked powder
without loosening!

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